REFODERM Skin Care Tonic

• Over 150+ precious herbs and plant extracts
• A skin revitalizer resulting from East meets West holistic concepts
• Multiple skin care therapies in one
• Stimulation of skin self-regeneration and removal of waste substances
• Sustainable skin elasticity and skin lifting effect
• Promotes circulation and regulation of the skin’s surface
• Offers relief from muscle pain and restoration of vibrancy

- Difference -

What makes the difference to other cosmetic lines?

Traditional Skin Care Products REFODERM Skin Care Products
Containing mineral oil or chemical ingredients Ingredients Containing high-grade herbal extracts and vitamins
Short term protection only Result Long lasting restoration of natural beauty of skin
Fulfillment of basic skincare needs only Improvement Skin regeneration from inside out
Involving lots of products and complicated steps Usage Multi-function in just 1 bottle
Avoid emphasizing on pH value pH value pH-neutral (between 5.3-5.6)
Suitable for adults only Type of Skins Suitable for all skin types